Yeungnam University Signs Several Agreements
Yeungnam University Signs Several Agreements
  • Choi Eun-seo
  • 승인 2024.05.27 12:09
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(Photo by reporter Kim Na-hyun)
(Photo by reporter Kim Na-hyun)

  Yeungnam University has recently signed agreements with various schools and institutions to strengthen its foundation and respond appropriately to the crisis of local universities. YU has signed three significant agreements aimed at benefiting students. These agreements largely focus on the promotion of projects, education of students, and training of talent.
  First, the Convention for the Promotion of the Glocal University 30 Project is a signed agreement between YU, Kumoh National Institute of Technology (KIT) in Gumi, and Glocal University 30. The Glocal University 30 project here refers to a policy in which the Korean Ministry of Education designates 30 non-metropolitan universities as Glocal universities by 2026. As a result, YU, located in the province, has also signed an agreement to promote the Glocal University 30 project to become a university of choice for many students in the future.
Therefore, on April 16, YU and KIT were selected as preliminary designated universities for the Glocal University 30 project in 2024. It is the only national and private combined school model among pre-designated universities, adding even greater significance.
  Second, YU and several schools have talked about cooperating to reorganize the curriculum, using the Field Training Semester System, and supporting participating students through the agreement with the Gyeongsangbuk-do Education Office. For the first time in Gyeongsangbuk-do, in the second semester of 2023, students from YU’s College of Education and Graduate School of Education participated in teacher training for the Field Training Semester System with the university’s budget. Regarding this work agreement, Lim Jong-sik, superintendent of Gyeongsangbuk-do Office of Education, said, “We will actively support the development of excellent teachers for future education and teachers with warm personalities that develop the power of children’s lives through the establishment of a cooperative practice guidance system.”
  Third, talent training will be carried out by a Software Talent Training agreement signed by YU and 42 Gyeongsan. 42 Gyeongsan is a curriculum run by Gyeongsan Innovation Academy, which the Ministry of Science and ICT established to cultivate software talent.
  YU and Daegu Catholic University’s SW-centered university project group and 42 Gyeongsan (Gyeongsan Innovation Academy) have agreed and announced that they will jointly implement seminars and competitions to revitalize the software ecosystem. In addition, it was agreed to gather capabilities for mutual utilization of human resources and educational space and joint promotion of various corporate-linked projects.
  As YU has signed various agreements with school students to maintain the school in the future, students need to pay attention.

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