Student Lack of Copyright Awareness
Student Lack of Copyright Awareness
  • Kim Yun-ah
  • 승인 2024.05.27 12:00
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  The demand for tablet PCs has increased as students have had to attend classes via video due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even now, with face-to-face classes resumed, more students use tablet PCs in university classrooms than before the COVID-19 outbreak. Students claim it is convenient to take classes by downloading lecture materials in PPT or PDF format onto their tablet PCs.
  However, depending on the lecture content, the professor can conduct classes using textbooks rather than lecture materials. Some students do not purchase textbooks but illegally purchase PDF files scanned from textbooks. It is not illegal for someone to buy a textbook and scan it. However, the transaction of buying and selling scanned textbook files by individuals other than publishers is a violation of copyright law. Unfortunately, some students still purchase these illegally scanned files for convenience despite knowing they are illegal. Illegal file transactions conducted by students violate the rights of authors and publishers and constitute unethical academic behavior.
  In addition to purchasing illegally scanned PDF files, students also engage in another form of copyright infringement known as ‘jokbo’ transactions. These transactions involve the buying and selling exam questions from previous years or semesters, undermining academic integrity. 
The Yeungnam Observer interviewed student A, who has purchased ‘jokbo’ several times. He said he bought ‘jokbo’ to understand how the exam questions were presented. Additionally, he mentioned that purchasing ‘jokbo’ immensely helped him achieve high scores because he had experienced that the questions listed in ‘jokbo’ were similarly presented in the actual exam. The ‘jokbo’ transactions allow students to rely on the ‘jokbo’ instead of studying, undermining academic fairness and morality.
  We must work to prevent widespread copyright law violations from occurring within universities. As a precaution, if publishers officially sell textbooks in the form of e-books, students would not have to resort to purchasing illegal files. Additionally, professors can prevent students from buying ‘jokbo’ by asking different exam questions each year. Fundamentally, students should not purchase illegal textbook files and ‘jokbo.’

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