LPP Is an Opportunity to Speak English!
LPP Is an Opportunity to Speak English!
  • Shin Hye-bin
  • 승인 2024.03.26 13:52
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(Photo by reporter Shin Hye-bin)
(Photo by reporter Shin Hye-bin)

  Reading and writing in English can be studied alone. However, developing English communication skills is difficult. If you want to share your social, cultural, and daily life with foreign students in English, I recommend the Language Partner Program (LPP).

   This program can improve global competence by promoting friendship between international and Korean students, expanding opportunities for mutual cultural exchange, and mentoring language. Forming a team of one exchange student and two or three Korean students is a rule. Participants must submit a report by conducting language learning and cultural exchange activities for more than 30 hours a month. The selection criteria are for students enrolled in our school; only students who have completed 15 credits or more can apply. Students who have a history of abandoning LPP activities cannot apply.

   What I remember most about this program was last spring when I walked to school with a foreign friend, saw the cherry blossoms, and talked with them while enjoying a drink on the bench on a nice day. Also, I once searched the Internet while talking about Korean food with another foreign friend. At that time, I remember that foreign and Korean students were amazed by the introduction of Budae jjigae in English as army stew. Also, while discussing art, a foreign friend told us about Jeremy Bennequin, an artist who makes works using eraser powder. I remember seeing his work, and we were amazed. We looked for information together and appreciated other works as well.


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