OPP to Experience a New Culture!
OPP to Experience a New Culture!
  • Shin Hye-bin
  • 승인 2024.03.26 13:47
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(Provided by APU University)
(Provided by APU University)

  Do you want to experience English language training during your vacation? Yeungnam University offers language training programs for students every winter and summer. The Outbound Pilot Program (OPP) allows students to study abroad for four weeks during their vacation.

  I studied at the English Education Center of Malaysia Asia Pacific University for a month in July 2023. OPP selection criteria are based on the cumulative average for all grades, official language (English) score, motivation for applying, and utilization plan. During the week, we take 4 hours of listening, reading, writing, and speaking classes and 2 hours of online classes. We also have to do assignments related to the same-day class.

  My most memorable experience while studying abroad was that I became close with foreign friends, and we always spent time together after school. Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country, so I had many friends of various nationalities. I have many memories of spending time every evening sharing my friends' culture, food, and songs. A group of friends were international students from Malaysia. Still, they toured beautiful places in Malaysia for our Korean friends and served food at nice restaurants. At first, I thought getting to know those friends might be difficult because Korea's culture is very different. However, as I spent time with them daily, I realized that it was a prejudice to say that it is difficult to get along with them because they have a different culture. Also, there was a talent show contest during the program schedule, and it was very memorable to see students wearing their traditional clothes and dancing and singing.

  I recommend this program to first and second-year students at Yeungnam University. This is because it is an excellent opportunity to develop global leadership capabilities and improve your language skills through OPP. Also, living in another country for a month can be a turning point.


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