Introducing the Library’s New Lobby
Introducing the Library’s New Lobby
  • Kim Yun-ah
  • 승인 2024.03.25 18:48
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(Photo by reporter Kim Yun-ah)
(Photo by reporter Kim Yun-ah)

  Construction was carried out in the lobby on the first floor of Yeungnam University Central Library from November 2023 to February 2024. The remodeled lobby has three parts: community, rest & cultural, and learning spaces. The Yeungnam Observer interviewed the library staff who planned the construction of the lobby. Kwon Young-chan, Digital Library Management & Services manager, said he planned the lobby construction because he felt like the lobby space was underutilized. He tried to plan the best space by paying attention to everything from the lobby’s ceiling furniture to lighting. He thought and considered the students of YU in many ways.
  For example, he installed music speakers for students to talk in rest and cultural spaces. He was concerned that the students in the rest and cultural space would be unable to communicate comfortably because they were worried about the students in the learning space. Therefore, he tried to create a comfortable café like atmosphere by installing speakers.
  In addition, he placed desks equipped with lighting in the learning space for studying students. A beam projector was installed in the community space to establish facilities for campaigns and events. In this way, he organized the space by considering each student using the three spaces.
  The students were surprised at how great the library lobby facilities had become. Jo Chae-yeong, a Department of Business Administration student, said she would often visit the lobby, where a more comfortable atmosphere was created. In addition, she said that both study and relaxation became possible in the lobby, making it more useful. If you have not been to the library lobby, visit it immediately!

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