Why Do People Want to Clone Companion Animals?
Why Do People Want to Clone Companion Animals?
  • Kim Na-hyun
  • 승인 2024.03.25 12:08
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  A Korean YouTuber known for raising dogs recently shared news about her new canine companions. These dogs appeared like the ones she had raised previously. She recently introduced dogs that had been cloned. She underwent Pet Loss Syndrome when her dogs passed away. Pet Loss Syndrome occurs when an owner experiences profound sadness and pain upon the death of their companion animal. Because of her major depression, she decided to clone her dogs to overcome it. 
  When this became known, people expressed diverse opinions. Individuals who underwent depression due to Pet Loss Syndrome expressed understanding to some extent. Conversely, others dee
med it ethically wrong.
  In my perspective, cloned companion animals are not genuine and are ethically unacceptable. I shared my childhood with three dogs. Due to life expectancy, I let each go, and now I am not raising any animals. I was too young when I let go of the first and second dogs so that I couldn’t feel much sadness. It was not until the third time that great sadness came. I felt even more lost because I put a lot of love into her. 
  However, I am doing well now. Instead, I am trying harder to live than before. It is because I acknowledged death and dealt with my sadness well. Based on my values, I think that she could not cope with death well, so she even cloned her dog. Since cloning is legal, she is free to do this. However, it is also proof that she did not accept death. 
  In line with my values, I believe the YouTuber struggled to accept death and resorted to cloning, an act she is legally entitled to. However, it also signifies an unwillingness to embrace the reality of mortality. Remembering and honoring the deceased is a crucial aspect of dealing with death, enabling us to live despite the sorrow. This process facilitates personal growth. Whether it’s humans or companion animals, remembrance is important. Death is inevitable for both. Reflecting on shared memories, grieving adequately, and eventually moving forward are essential aspects of the human experience.


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