The Job Preparation Gap: Is It Real?
The Job Preparation Gap: Is It Real?
  • Kim Na-hyun
  • 승인 2024.03.25 12:05
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  An interesting analysis has recently emerged. The rate of entrance exam repeaters has increased, while the rate of graduates aged 27 has remained unchanged. However, this suggests that the number of new and older students has increased. The graduation period has remained consistent over the past five years. The percentage of graduates aged 27 or older across universities nationwide hovers around 10. University officials have analyzed this trend, attributing it to students graduating quickly due to their awareness of the ‘job preparation gap.’
  The job preparation gap is between graduation and employment when individuals have no professional experience. The employment community is concerned about this gap, affecting recent graduates and those seeking re-employment. 
  The Yeungnam Observer investigated both the employment and university communities. When asked questions such as “How many years is it okay to have a gap?” some employers stated, “It is okay for one year.”or “Firms are reluctant to hire an unemployed state beyond one year.” Many respondents agreed that having a gap as a university student is acceptable. However, some argued that post-graduation gaps should be minimized as much as possible. 
  What do university students think? The Observer asked five students. When it comes to creating a job preparation gap, the majority expressed a preference for avoiding it. Those who believed it was acceptable answered that getting a job right away was difficult. Others with differing opinions answered that a gap of one to two years is disadvantageous due to the social atmosphere. 
  The Observer also inquired about the desire of enrolled students to graduate as soon as possible. Not everyone rejected the idea. Some pointed out the fact that there are many things to enjoy in college life in common. This is also why preparations are needed before entering the job market. 


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