Balance for a Better Future
Balance for a Better Future
  • Jeong Hee-yeon
  • 승인 2023.11.28 16:21
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 KT has selected ‘zero-calorie campus’ as one of the Generation Z(Gen Z) trends selected in collaboration with its college student marketing supporters, ‘Y Futurist,’ and ‘University Tomorrow’s 20 Research Institute,’ a research institute on Gen Z trends. 
 The term ‘zero-calorie campus’ means a life that prefers to save time, save energy, and have various experiences off campus. For example, when attending classes on campus, students can use tablet note-taking and voice-to-text. During their free time off campus, they do various activities, such as online classes or external activities.
  The Yeungnam Observer surveyed 20 students about whether they know about such a ‘zero-calorie campus,’ they are doing or have ever done so, and what they think is the advantage.
 As the term ‘zero-calorie campus’ has not yet become popular, none of the respondents knew the term. However, after explaining what the term means and asking if they were doing or had done any of these activities, 25% of respondents said they were doing or had done them. Respondents said they had taken ‘K-MOOC’ lectures, recorded tablet writing and voice, supported activities unrelated to their primary, external, and volunteer activities. 
  Finally, we surveyed the most significant advantages of a ‘zero-calorie campus.’ The advantages were ‘efficient academic performance,’ ‘improving and growing in various fields,’ ‘being able to focus on non-academic activities and academics,’ and ‘accumulating various external activities and experiences.’ According to the survey, ‘accumulating various external activities and experiences’ was the highest at 55%, followed by ‘improving and growing in various fields’ at 50%, ‘efficient academic performance’ at 40%, and ‘being able to focus on non-academic activities as well as academics’ at 35%.
 As the results show, a ‘zero-calorie campus’ is an efficient use of class time on campus and a way to accumulate various off-campus experiences. This helps students live more effectively.

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