For the Bright Future of YU Students!
For the Bright Future of YU Students!
  • Lee Seung-yeon
  • 승인 2023.11.28 15:02
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(Photo by reporter Choi Eun-seo)
(Photo by reporter Choi Eun-seo)

  Yeungnam University held the ‘2023 YU Job Fiesta’ from September 12th to 15th to support YU students in finding a job and introduce various companies. In particular, the ‘Job Tacit Knowledge’ program provides not only valuable advice on employment information of graduates but also on overall school life. The first person interviewed was Kim Min-jun, an Urban Planning and Engineering major from the class of 16. He is currently employed in the consumer sales division at Ottogi, a company specializing in the manufacturing and selling of various grocery items.
  Q1. How do you feel about joining as an advisor at this fair?
As a student, I admired upper-level students who became members of society. However, a few years later, I’m so glad to be in a position to help many YU students as a member of society.
  Q2. What advice did you emphasize in particular?
I said, “Don’t be afraid of industry barriers.” I am also working in an irrelevant company from my major. It’s possible enough if students persuasively convey why they applied for an industry irrelevant to their major. At the same time, don’t forget that they have to be faithful to their major.
  Q3. What do you want to say to YU students?
I know that the process of finding a job is challenging. I want to tell the students that there will be good results if they don’t give up and stick to it. Good luck!
  The second interviewee is Park Seong-hyeon, class of 15, who majored in the Department of Media & Communication. He works as a society journalist for the Maeil Shinmun, a major press in Daegu, and Gyeongsangbuk-do.
  Q1. I remember getting employment information about the press industry when I was a student was tough. Therefore, I’m delighted that my advice has helped students like me who are interested in the press and are wondering about getting a job.
  Q2. I emphasized the importance of gaining diverse experiences. Journalists, in particular, benefit greatly from the ability to discern unique aspects from various encounters. I also believe this skill serves as a valuable asset in other professions.
  Q3. Nothing is impossible. I felt that getting a job and becoming a journalist was far away. However, as I did not give up and did my best, my dream came true at one point. If you keep your goal in mind and walk steadily from afar, you will eventually reach it.

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