India: On the Rise
India: On the Rise
  • Ha Ji-hyeon
  • 승인 2023.11.28 12:41
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(Provided by Unsplash)
(Provided by Unsplash)

  India has surpassed China to become the world’s most populous country, and unlike China, its population continues to increase. In addition, with its enormous workforce and domestic market, it is becoming a country that surpasses China. In other words, India is gradually emerging.
  As an illustration, while Apple traditionally manufactured most of its products in China, it is now scaling up its production in India. Micron, the largest semiconductor company in the U.S. is building a semiconductor plant in India. In addition, the Indian government has also provided exceptional support, and several U.S. semiconductor companies, including Micron and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), are investing in India. Korea’s Samsung and LG Electronics are also increasing their home appliance factories, and Samsung is the top smartphone market in India.
  India sent a rover to the moon. The probe, called ‘Pragian’ traveled about 100 meters for 13 days, confirming that there is sulfur on the surface of Antarctica. Another probe named ‘Bikram’ transmitted diverse scientific data to Earth, encompassing measurements of soil temperatures on Antarctica’s surface.
  The reason why India has suddenly emerged as an IT powerhouse is due to its passtion for education. There is a growing enthusiasm for engineering in India, much like the fervor for medical schools in Korea. To excel as an engineer, admisstion to the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) is imperative. The competition to enter IIT has intensified, fostering numerous skilled individuals among IIT graduates. As mentioned earlier, unlike India, Korea’s preference for medical schools is intensifying, centering on top universities. There is even a growing chance of dropping out of college. More than 1,000 dropouts occurred in four science and technology institutes, including KAIST and GIST, over the past five years. Furthermore, 4.4% of natural science students at SKY (Seoul, Korea, Yonsei)   University revently dropped out.
  If t
his phenomenon continues, Korea will have no one to conduct science and technology research, and securing science and technology talent will be difficult. In addition, people working in the IT and engineering fields are concerned that Korea will become a society that only pursues safety and distances itself from innovation in the future. Therefore, Korea is working with India to prevent this. India’s IT industry is proliferating with low-cost professionals, but Research and Development (R&D) capital and production technology are scarce. Therefore, domestic companies are expanding their opportunities to enter the market through collaboration with India, including participation in R&D projects.

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