A Surge in Part-Time Job ‘Smishing’
A Surge in Part-Time Job ‘Smishing’
  • Yun Hye-rim
  • 승인 2023.11.27 18:38
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  Part-time job smishing has recently increased rapidly, so great care is required. According to fishing messages statistics in the third quarter of the year, AhnLab (a cyber security company) reported that messages disguised as short-term, part-time job offers accounted for 76.4% of the total. This means that messages disguised as government support fund and parcel service decreased extremely. A criminal gang impersonates especially shopping mall owner a lot, so the shopping industry exploited for fishing messages accounted for 65.6% of the total.
  Then, what is smishing? Let’s find out what it is and how it occurs below. ‘Smishing’ combines ‘short message services’ (SMS) and ‘fishing.’ It refers to swindling personal and financial transaction information by inducing small payments or installing malicious programs on people’s cell phones. Thus, ‘part-time job smishing’ occurs when a criminal gang tricks young people looking for a job, saying, “This part-time job is highly profitable. You can get much money in a short time.” Also, the gang exploits them to withdraw and deliver payments. In the beginning, the criminal gang gives young job seekers a small amount of profit to build trust, and at some point, after trust is gained, the gang extracts a large amount of cash and disappears. It approaches the young with familiar company names to allay doubt. How can we avoid being put in these dangerous situations?
  Here are some tips for what to do when part-time job smishing occurs. First, check the company’s formal sites and social network service  (SNS) accounts. Second, do not immediately click or delete the URL address whose source is unclear. Your information will be leaked as soon as you click the URL address. Finally, search the SMS telephone number suspected of smishing on the Internet to determine whether it is an authentic telephone number. This is because the telephone numbers of fishing messages do not have official sources, so where they came from is not found on the Internet. If it is smishing, report to 118 (Korea Internet and Security Agency) or 182. (the National Police Agency)


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