Deulpool Festival That Shone Despite Bad Weather
Deulpool Festival That Shone Despite Bad Weather
  • Yun Hye-rim
  • 승인 2023.11.27 18:36
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(Photo by reporter Choi Eun-seo)
(Photo by reporter Choi Eun-seo)


From Sep 25 to 26, the 2023 Deulpool Festival was held at the Yeungnam University soccer field. The most remarkable features of this festival were the Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do total club union exhibition with Y-STAR and a student zone available regardless of paying student membership fees.
 On Sep 25, the total club union exhibition (each university club booths and performances like face painting, climbing, making nonalcohol beer, and sign language experience, Y-STAR one-day class, artstar experience booths) prepared by Kyungil University, Keimyung University, Daegu Catholic University, Daegu University, YU, and flea markets took place. Also, famous singers performed.
 On Sep 26, flea markets opened again and YU’s band, dance club, cheer squad, and popular singers performed.
 The Yeungnam Observer surveyed some YU student opinions about the festival. First, The Observer asked about the differences between the Daedong Festival of the first semester and this festival. Student A said, “This festival was even smaller than the Daedong Festival, and there was no bar as well as various food trucks, so many people were not here.”
 Second, The Observer asked about the differences between last and this year. Student B replied, “The YU zone was available only to students who paid student membership fees last year. However, because the student zone was created, I was very satisfied to be able to see the performances close to the stage, though I did not pay student membership fees.”
 Finally, The Observer asked how students felt during the festival. A answered, “This festival was well-organized, and despite its small size, it was enjoyable. Although the weather was poor, it was fun because it was the last festival this year.” Also, B said, “It was pleasant to enjoy everything, from the sights to the food, with my friends during the fall, taking a break from studying.”

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