Ring the Bell! Taco!
Ring the Bell! Taco!
  • Woo Ji-yun
  • 승인 2023.11.27 18:22
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Tacos, quesadilla, and consomé (Photo by reporter Woo Ji-yun)
Tacos, quesadilla, and consomé (Photo by reporter Woo Ji-yun)


 Q1. What is Mexico’s famous food?
Tacos have become an icon of Mexican gastronomy. There is an excellent variety of this dish due to the culinary diversity that exists in Mexico. The dish varies depending on the region where it is prepared, adapting globally in different variations. There are two versions of the Taco word origin. The first talks about the Nahuatl word (language used by Mexicans before the Spanish conquest), ‘Tlahco,’ which means ‘half’ or ‘in the middle.’ This makes sense when food is placed in the middle of a tortilla and then folded. The second points to the original name, ‘Quauhtaqualli,’ with Spanish settlers changing it to ‘Taqualli’ and then to ‘Taco.’ It is believed that pre-Hispanic women invented Tacos to feed the men working all day on the crops. It was an easy dish to make and carry. In the book Historia Verdadera de la Conquista de la Nueva España, Bernal Diaz tells us that the first documented eating of this dish happened in Coyoacan (Today in Mexico City), where Hernan Cortes was served with pork meat tacos where they added coriander and onion to the dish. Ultimately, anything put into a Tortilla is a Taco.
 Q2. What are the table manners in Mexican culture? 
We have to understand that more than 90% of Mexicans are mixed races from Spanish settlers and indigenous people. The Spanish enforced strict punishments if the local people resisted their cultural values and etiquette. So a lot of table manners and utensils are from Europe. The rules for Mexicans at the table are as follows: Do not open your mouth while chewing. This is considered rude because you can spit food on others. No talking or drinking water while chewing. Finish your bite before doing this. Avoid making noises or playing with your food. Do not use your utensils to grab the food from the center of the table. Use the one provided in the pots. Always say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to the person serving. Always cut food before putting it in your mouth; having a visibly full mouth is impolite. Sometimes, Mexicans eat with their hands and sometimes with a fork, knife, and/or spoon. Chopsticks are not used in the country, and, fun fact, some individuals might find them difficult to use. If you do not know how to eat a dish, ask. Mexicans are friendly to any person so you may make a new friend.
 Q3. Can you recommend a Mexican restaurant in Korea?
The Taco restaurant in Busan, ‘Aqueria Pendejo’ (Actually, ‘Pendejo’ is a bad word in Spanish, so do not use it with Mexican people if you are not friends with them), reminds me of the city I am from Guadalajara, Jalisco. The Yeungnam Observer shares Mexican food with Fidel.
 Fidel: This place makes Birria Tacos and Birria Quesadillas so similar in taste and visuals that I e
njoyed being transported back to my hometown. Birria Tacos are perfect for hangovers after a club night or as a breakfast. It is an authentic Mexican recipe. You can enjoy these tacos in Mexico with our famous ‘Horchata’ or ‘Jamaica’water or, if you are in Korea, with any Cola soda. Reporter Woo Ji-yun: It was super good. I felt like I was in Mexico.

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