People Who Throw Away Their Conscience like Trash
People Who Throw Away Their Conscience like Trash
  • Kim Yun-ah
  • 승인 2023.11.27 12:04
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(Photo by reporter Kim Yun-ah)
(Photo by reporter Kim Yun-ah)

  There are three studio apartment complexes near Yeungnam University, across from the school’s main gate, near the school’s east gate, and the school’s back gate. The problem of unauthorized trash dumping in these three places has been severe for a long time.
  The problem of unauthorized trash dumping can be divided into two main problems. First, people do not put their trash in a standard trash bag. Trash must be discharged after purchasing a standard trash bag. People must pay a fine of up to one million won if they do not use a standard trash bag. However, finding out who threw it away is difficult, so some people throw the trash in a plastic bag.
  The second problem is that people do not separate recyclable trash. We can easily see paper boxes, plastic containers, and trash thrown together in plastic bags. The trash that someone throws away in violation of the rules attracts many bugs and is not good for the aesthetics. 
Then why do some people throw away trash like this? The Yeungnam Observer interviewed a student who had experience in illegally dumping trash. Student A lives in a studio apartment near the school’s east gate and often throws trash away on any plastic bag because he forgot to buy a standard trash b
ag. A added that the segregated trash dumping site is not near the house, so recycled trash is dumped in the same bag as trash.
   Most studio apartment complexes near YU do not have separate collection sites. Gyeongsan City Hall recommends that only recyclable trash be put in clean plastic bags and discharged if there is no separate collection site. In addition, Gyeongsan City Hall has installed additional CCTVs for monitoring illegal dumping near the trash dump and conducts regular inspections to monitor illegal trash dumping near the waste disposal area. For a clean cityscape and environment, we should all follow the rules and throw away our trash according to the regulations.

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