Ancient Diseases Seen Through Human Bones
Ancient Diseases Seen Through Human Bones
  • Kim Na-hyun
  • 승인 2023.11.27 11:58
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(Photo by reporter Kim Na-hyun)
(Photo by reporter Kim Na-hyun)

  Yeungnam University Museum is holding a special exhibition called ‘The Diseases of Ancient People Seen through Human Bones.’ The exhibition showcases diseases prevalent among ancient people, studying human bones discovered in the Imdang ruins. It will be held in the special exhibition room on the second floor of the Yeungnam University Museum until November 30. 
  The exhibition hall is divided into sections corresponding to the affected areas of each disease. It presents diseases detected in each human bone, along with estimations of age and gender. Furthermore, the bones offer a unique narrative for visitors to explore. Tools and books used to treat diseases are also on display.
  The exhibition is characterized by the result of a study of human bones found in Imdang ruins. Imdang ruins have been excavated since 1982 until recently. It is found in Imdang-dong Mounds, Imdang-dong, Joyeong-dong, Amnyang-eup Bujeok-ri etc. YU Museum has secured the human bones of ancient Gyeongsan people over three years. These human bones were excavated in Imdang-dong and Joyeong-dong Mounds. Continuous research is underway on these human bones and one of the results is this exhibition. 
  The museum said that analyzing the diseases that appear in human bones is meaningful because it allows us to investigate the life of ancient society. In addition, the museum also mentioned, “We will go one step further as an institution to restore the ancient appearance of our region through archaeology and human bone research.” 
  YU Museum is displaying excavations found in the Imdang ruins in this exhibition and other exhibitions. It plans and conducts various exhibitions using its collections and the archaeological artifacts secured through excavation. It also offers a variety of programs to students, including ‘Humanities on the Road,’ ‘Custom and Ceremonies with Foreigners Event,’  and ‘Folk Village Commentary.’


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