Welcome to Da Lat, Vietnam!
Welcome to Da Lat, Vietnam!
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Datanla Waterfall (Provided by dalattourist)
Datanla Waterfall (Provided by dalattourist)


When Koreans visit Vietnam, they often think of cities like Da Nang, Hoi An, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh. These cities are trendy. However, Da Lat is very suitable for those who want to travel abroad for a summer vacation. Da Lat is in the mountains, so the weather is very cool all year round. You can take an airplane from Korea to Ho Chi Minh Airport and then take an intercity bus to Da Lat, which takes about 4-5 hours. Or you can also take an hour-long flight from Ho Chi Minh Airport.
  In Da Lat, you can find the Valley of Love, a large garden with many flowers and trees. You can enjoy the scent of flowers and take beautiful pictures with your friends or family. It will be more special if you go with your precious loved one. Another exciting place is Datanla Waterfall. You can buy a ticket and go to the waterfall on an alpine coaster or a cable car. The alpine coaster is enjoyable, and you can control your speed. There is an automatic brake on the ride to keep you from hitting the car in front of you if they move slowly. The ride takes two photographs of you on the trip down, which you can choose to purchase at the bottom. Some drinks and ice cream are for sale when you reach the bottom. The waterfall is beautiful, and there are lots of photo opportunities. Da Lat night market is a dining paradise for Da Lat locals and tourists alike. You can enjoy local foods and buy Vietnam souvenirs at affordable prices.


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