The Rising Trend of Pop-Up Stores
The Rising Trend of Pop-Up Stores
  • Kim Na-hyun
  • 승인 2023.09.05 18:25
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  Pop-up stores have become popular in recent years, offering temporary retail spaces within department stores, festivals, and other locations. These spaces are typically rented on a short-term basis. In pop-up stores, operating companies sell brand goods and set up photo zones related to their brand. As such stores become more popular, many people visit them. Presently, a diverse range of pop-up stores featuring K-POP girl groups, culinary delights, animations, and clothing brands are in full swing.
  Why are pop-up stores popular in Korea these days? Firstly, the pop-up store spaces satisfy people’s desire for practical connection after the COVID-19 pandemic. By providing in-depth information about brands and products and delivering unique experiential opportunities, pop-up stores directly fulfill the desire for real-world interaction. Secondly, people pursue the experiences and values of these stores, which fulfill these two objectives. Lastly, the allure of pop-up stores stems from their scarcity factor; being limited-time establishments, they exclusively offer a chance to acquire one-of-a-kind, limited-edition merchandise.
  On the other hand, challenges persist. Many individuals flock to ‘open run’ events for a shot at securing limited edition pop-up store merchandise. Acquiring these sought-after items becomes impossible without access to an open run. In addition, the waiting time becomes too long. K-POP girl group LE SSERAFIM pop-up stores in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, had an estimated waiting time of 1,975 minutes. This often leads customers to camp overnight to be at the front of the line. Additionally, despite enduring lengthy waits to enter, supply shortages can result in disappointment. A prime example is the collaboration pop-up store between LINE FRIENDS and NewJeans, which witnessed a record 2,000 visitors within just one hour.
  Consumers should not face discomfort, even in the face of short-term operations. Ideally, the increase in these establishments should be accompanied by improvements in their operations, assuring a seamless and pleasant experience for all involved.


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