University Students Embrace Investment Strategies
University Students Embrace Investment Strategies
  • Kim Na-hyun
  • 승인 2023.09.05 18:24
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  The number of university students using investment techniques has increased since 2021. This trend gained momentum during the nationwide investment frenzy triggered by the sudden outbreak of COVID-19. At that time, many people started investing in stocks due to the steep decline in stock prices during the pandemic, inspiring the exploration of diverse investment strategies.
  The investment techniques for university students are as follows. Firstly, fixed deposits and installment savings are basic methods. The funds are guaranteed, and this is a relatively stable method. Second, a parking bankbook is a high-interest deposit and withdrawal account. Its advantage is that it is easy to deposit and withdraw money, and the interest rate is high. Thirdly, investment in stocks involves backing companies and sectors of personal interest, offering the advantage of ongoing learning in investment.
  Other methods to introduce are emerging new methods. First, ‘Yen-tech’ is a compound of the yen and investment technique. It entails leveraging the Japanese currency’s exchange rate, capitalizing on its fluctuations by buying yen when its value depreciates and selling when it appreciates. Second, ‘Art-tech’ is a compound of art and investment techniques. It means investing in works of art. It is a small investment in which several people invest in one work, so the burden is low. 
  The Yeungnam Observer investigated the reality of investing among 20 university students. Over half of the students are actively engaging in investment techniques. This encompasses a range of practices, from deposits to stocks, parking accounts, and even  ‘App-tech,’ a method harnessing rewards app reserves for income generation through smartphones. These chosen strategies are often driven by the desire to prepare for the future, boost income, and elevate their quality of life. 
  On the other hand, people who have not adopted investment techniques mostly cited a lack of information as the reason for not starting. Over half of those not investing said they would do it. Stable deposits were the most common, followed by stocks.
The Bank of Korea’s (BOK) ‘general economy course’ can be helpful if investing cannot be started due to a lack of information. Information can also be obtained from the BOK’s ‘700 Economic and Financial Terms’ educational material and Educational Broadcasting System’s (EBS) ‘Documentary Capitalism.’


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