MZ Generation Difficulties
MZ Generation Difficulties
  • Choi Eun-seo
  • 승인 2023.09.05 18:13
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(Provided by Freepik)
(Provided by Freepik)


Do you know the term “MZ generation” that has become a hot topic recently? This means millennials and Z generation. They are a generation familiar with the digital environment and sensitive to the latest trends. In addition, they are characterized by the pursuit of unique experiences.
  However, friction between the older and MZ generations, which are currently leading society, continues. As this situation spreads, expressing one’s opinion during social interactions is evaluated by the older generation, such as “Just as I expected, from the MZ generation” or “Is this what the MZ generation is like?”
  There are various analyses of this phenomenon. First, people feel a prevailing sense of dissonance. The older generation perceives stark disparities between the MZ generation and their characteristics. Consequently, the term ‘MZ’ is becoming a gag or reproach topic. In contrast, the MZ generation maintains that such pigeonholing is inherently flawed.
  Accordingly, The Yeungnam Observer surveyed  23 university students. The aim was to reduce potential biases from those harboring negative views of the older generation or those lacking a comprehensive understanding of the MZ generation.
  When asked about the portrayal of the MZ generation in the media, the majority of students responded with a negative outlook. In contrast, 22.7% said they were both negative and positive. In addition, only 91.7% said they caused intergenerational conflicts.
  This survey underscores a significant reality the genuine MZ generation faces considerable discomfort due to media-driven generalizations. Consequently, fostering mutual comprehension between the MZ and older generations takes precedence over unconditional harmony. Therefore, this effort toward mutual understanding should stand as a cornerstone for constructive interactions moving forward.

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