Weddings Overshadowed by Gift Money
Weddings Overshadowed by Gift Money
  • Heo eun-seo
  • 승인 2023.09.05 17:51
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  The wedding ceremony, a declaration of a lifelong commitment to the one you love, is attended by numerous guests who come to bless the two. However, during the celebration, the spotlight often shifts to the celebratory gifts, often in the form of money, diverting attention from the true essence of the event. A simple online search about wedding gift money can quickly reveal articles categorizing appropriate gift amounts based on the level of intimacy. When and how did this heartfelt gesture become a burdensome concern for both givers and receivers?
   Imagine a couple opting for a luxury hotel wedding that costs around 70,000 won per guest. Now, picture a guest bringing along uninvited family members and presenting a gift of just 50,000 won. There’s a prevailing sentiment that introducing uninvited guests to a luxurious hotel wedding without considering the cost is impolite. Another position is that congratulations are to celebrate a marriage, not pay.
  A marriage that brings two paths together is a time of joy. Weddings are not lavish or set prices. It celebrates the beginning of a love, unity, and shared journey. Unfortunately, financial issues sometimes overshadow this extravagant event, causing discomfort and awkwardness.
  Gift money holds more significance than mere monetary value. It is an expression of goodwill and sharing joy. It symbolizes affection and encouragement regardless of monetary value. A gift’s true value lies in its sentiment rather than meeting arbitrary monetary expectations.
  Marriage is a very blessed moment when two different people meet, get to know each other, love each other, and make a promise for life. Don’t forget the original meaning of the wedding, and you need to think about the essence of congratulations.
  Weddings are about love, and gifts are an extension of that feeling. Ultimately, it’s the intention that matters, not the amount.


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