Student Opinions about Extracurricular Activities
Student Opinions about Extracurricular Activities
  • Lee Seung-yeon
  • 승인 2023.09.05 17:24
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  Amid increasing employment competition, university students strive to enhance their value in the job market. What kind of efforts are students putting in for employment? Examples include support roles, ambassadorships, and volunteer work organized by companies and institutions. University students commonly refer to these as ‘Extracurricular Activities.’
One of the most significant advantages of engaging in these activities is that students can enhance their competitiveness in the job market. Moreover, students gain valuable experience and expand their network by connecting with various individuals. On the flip side, extracurricular activities are sometimes on the rise as tools for securing employment or are exploited as part of corporate advertising strategies.
  As such, the necessity of engaging in extracurricular activities is a topic of heated debate among students. What do university students think about extracurricular activities? The Yeungnam Observer surveyed university students regarding their views on extracurricular activities.
Student A expressed that extracurricular activities are essential for securing employment. The student added, “I believe that simply engaging in activities within the university is insufficient to create a meaningful self-introduction letter. Hence, it is necessary to include more diverse experiences in a self-introduction letter.” Similarly, student B also noted the importance of extracurricular activities for employment. Student B stated, “While qualifications and academic grades might be the specifications for employment, extracurricular activities can serve as an additional distinguishing factor. Sharing my personal story through extracurricular activities can be a valuable specification.” 
  However, there were students with conflicting viewpoints. Student C expressed that extracurricular activities solely for employment are not essential. Student C elaborated, “While it is true that experience gained through extracurricular activities can benefit employment at highly sought-after workplaces, I do not believe it is an absolute necessity for getting a job.” Student D also did not consider extracurricular activities to be indispensable for employment. Student D mentioned, “For me, extracurricular activities primarily serve to build friendships and gather experiences.”
  This survey reflects the diverse opinions surrounding extracurricular activities. One thing remains certain: university students are putting in significant effort for their future and personal growth through their involvement in extracurricular activities.

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