Toward Individualistic Fashion
Toward Individualistic Fashion
  • Kim Na-hyun
  • 승인 2023.05.31 15:08
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  The term ‘Musinsa smell’ has recently become a hot topic. This term was first used in ‘SNL (Saturday Night Live) Korea’ on Coupang Play. It’s a term for satirizing the common style on the street. Musinsa is an online fashion shopping mall currently popular among Korea’s MZ (Millennial & Z) generation. This term came out as more people bought a lot of the top products here and wore the same products. Netizens say there are mere similar fashions because they often buy top-ranked products here.
  This term is usually used to mock a similar fashion. Looking at similar fashion, they also claim that people have no individuality in fashion. However, others argue that this phenomenon has instead raised the fashion average. There is an evaluation that this term also means that it greatly influences in the fashion world.
  There have been many of these phenomena in Korea in the past. A lot of similar or identical fashion on the street, as if copied and pasted, is called a ‘Fashion Clone.’ There is also the ‘Monami Look,’ which wears black pants and white T-shirts. The expression ‘Monami’ was given because the outfit looked like a Monami pen. ‘Subway Killer Whale’ was a big trend, which appeared to wear a lot of certain Nike Dunk Lows. The expression ‘Killer Whale’ was given because the color of the shoes was like the Killer Whale’s pattern.
  People should express their personalities through clothing rather than conform to identical outfits. Clothes give a lot of information about the person. Examples include what they like and do. It’s a waste not to use the means to express yourself. Also, since clothes are shown to be the most closely related to life, it is good to find the look that you want. While it is positive that the ‘Mushinsa smell’ phenomenon has raised the fashion average, I hope to see more clothing options that cater to individual tastes and lifestyles. I hope there will be more clothes that fit your living condition and show your personality rather than you wearing them according to the trend.


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