Two Years after Inauguration, Meeting with President Choi Oe-chool
Two Years after Inauguration, Meeting with President Choi Oe-chool
  • Kim Na-hyun
  • 승인 2023.05.31 15:00
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(Provided by Yeungnam University)
(Provided by Yeungnam University)

  Q1. It’s been two years since you became Yeungnam University president. I wonder what you think are the achievements of the past two years and what you felt is lacking.
  Since taking office, I have been running the university with an emphasis on explaining to all university members about its change the justification for innovation, and efforts to build consensus. Looking at last year’s college entrance exam results, you can see the fruits of our efforts. The 2022 and 2023 entrance exams broke the highest competition rate ever for two consecutive years and three consecutive years. It achieved more than 99% of the recruitment rate of new students, transforming it into a university favored by test-takers. It continues to do wonders in both quantity and quality.
  Of course, there are many regrets. I have many financial concerns as I run a university as president. My faculty and staff are working hard to raise various financial support projects and development funds. Nevertheless, there are indeed many financial difficulties. I will work harder to avoid this disappointment at the end of the president’s term. 
  Q2. Recently, there have been a series of reports of concerns related to ‘university privatization’ due to the revision of regulations on the appointment of presidents, disciplinary action and lawsuits of former faculty members. What do you think about this?
  First, the regulation for the appointment of the president is the affairs under the jurisdiction of the school corporation specified in the articles of association of Yeungnam Academy. Secondly, the case of a former faculty member’s lawsuit is not true. The reasons for disciplinary action against those subject to disciplinary action occurred during the term of faculty members in 2019 before I took office as president. This has already been pointed out through the faculty’s audit at the end of 2020. The audit and disciplinary procedures were carried out for irregularities related to the financial management of the faculty when he was a former general. The disciplinary process was completed last year and carried out in due course.  
  Q3. Lastly, please say something to our university students.
  I’d like to ask students one thing. The next opportunity is meaningful to those who prepare. Opportunity is meaningful to those who are prepared. I ask students to do their best in each field to become a ‘prepared talent’ as a Cheonma person.

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