The Necessity of Content Copyright Protection
The Necessity of Content Copyright Protection
  • Kim Yun-ah
  • 승인 2023.05.31 11:15
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  Have you ever watched a movie or listened to music through illegal means? People know watching paid content through free sites rather than paid streaming platforms is inappropriate. Nevertheless, many people do not care about it and enjoy content on pirated sites.
  Noonoo TV is a representative pirated content site. Noonoo TV mainly offers Korean entertainment, dramas, and movies. These programs can be available through subscriptions to paid streaming platforms such as Netflix, TVING, and Watcha. However, Noonoo TV pirates these programs without permission from the copyright holders and provides them to people for free. Noonoo TV runs the site by posting advertisements for illegal sports and gambling companies and receiving their fees. 
  Due to the appearance of Noonoo TV, streaming platforms such as Netflix suffered a significant financial impact. Subscribers are unsubscribing, and the number of new subscribers is dropping. Then, why do people use pirated content sites like Noonoo TV?
  The Yeungnam Observer surveyed 63 people. 53 people (84.1%) had used pirated content sites. They answered that they had experience watching webtoons, movies, dramas, animation, and listening to music on pirated content sites. When asked why they used pirated content sites, the most common answer was that there was no financial burden because it was free. The next most common answer was that they could enjoy various content regardless of the platform.
  Many people do not pay for content because it is free if they use pirated sites. This law violation severely undermines the copyright of the content. Program producers and paid streaming platforms suffer significant damage if the content is not paid fairly. In response, the Korean police and government have been cracking down on pirated content sites for a long time and recently shut down Noonoo TV.
  We can protect copyrights by watching content through legitimate channels. We should make an effort to protect copyright and avoid using pirated content sites.

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