Trekking Contest: Cheonma People Becoming One
Trekking Contest: Cheonma People Becoming One
  • Kim Yun-ah
  • 승인 2023.05.31 11:13
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(Photo by reporter Kim Yun-ah)
(Photo by reporter Kim Yun-ah)

  On April 29, the ‘2023 Cheonma Family Trekking Contest’ was held on the campus of Yeungnam University. Hosted by Yeungnam University and the alumni association, this event is where all university members, including alumni, family members, students, and faculty, come together to walk on campus and have time for unity. 
  After completing the warm-up exercise, the participants started from the YU soccer field. They walked on a seven-kilometer trekking course for two hours, including Cheonma Honors Park, Lee Jong-woo Science Library, and the Folk Village. Graduates attended the event with their children and had a good time with their families or talked with their alums after a long time, recalling their memories. Kwak Kyung-hee, a graduate of YU, said, “It was a shame that I couldn’t meet my college friends due to COVID-19, but it was so good to have a good time with my friends through this ‘Cheonma Family Trekking Contest,’ and I will attend again next time.” Yoon Dong-han, president of YU’s alumni association, said, “It is meaningful to hold a school trekking contest with Cheonma’s family this year following last year. I hope you will have time to walk along your alma mater’s campus with your family and alums today, make memories, and develop your love for the school. The alumni association will lead our alma mater’s and alumni’s development.”
  After the trekking, YU’s band and cheering squad performed. The graduates admired and praised their performance. Various prize draws were also held. Participants cheered and rejoiced when their numbers were called. Cheonma Family Trekking Contest ended with alumni joining together to create a venue for harmony. Everyone had a happy time in the trekking contest to take care of their health and promote friendship.


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