Crimes Lurking in Our Society
Crimes Lurking in Our Society
  • Choi Eun-seo
  • 승인 2023.05.30 18:29
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  As our daily lives begin to normalize, counterfeit money crimes fluctuate again. Counterfeit crimes increased as prices rose around the world and face-to-face activities began to resume.
  On March 24, a foreign man accused of using counterfeit money was arrested and indicted. The case of premeditated crime involved handing counterfeit money from an acquaintance of a foreign national to elderly merchants at Dongmyo Market. The strategy used the method of purchasing low-priced items and getting as much change as possible back. Finding any difference from actual money is hard unless you carefully check the details. If not checked carefully elderly merchants and anyone can be the target of crime. Money for movie props includes the words “movie prop” written very small on the money. In addition, the popularization of color copiers has made it easier to make counterfeit money.
  According to the National Police Agency, 146 crimes related to counterfeit money occurred until November last year. The figure is lower than other crimes, but it was up 23.7% from counterfeit money detection in 2021. However, it peaked at 374 cases in 2019 and fell to 118 cases due to COVID-19 but is increasing again. In January last year, the Bank of Korea shared the status of counterfeit money discovery in 2021. It explained the decrease in crime, “The use of money for face-to-face commerce continued due to the prolonged COVID-19.”
  In other words, it can be said that the economic recession and the slowdown in the spread of COVID-19 have been the catalyst for crime. Therefore, sellers and consumers must check the money more carefully to alleviate the spread of counterfeit money. In addition, counterfeit money can be distinguished by touch, visual methods, and applications. As mentioned earlier, counterfeit money crimes can easily be experienced by anyone. Furthermore, Korean law punishes even those who did not intend to use it are subject to punishment if fail to prove their circumstances. When everyone acquires cash, it is necessary to use it carefully.


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