Waldorf Forest - Coexisting with Nature
Waldorf Forest - Coexisting with Nature
  • Choi Eun-seo
  • 승인 2023.05.30 18:27
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  Yeungnam University  holds a Waldorf Forest School program again this year. It is a program that combines forest education with Germany’s ‘Waldorf pedagogy.’ YU has been operating the program since 2011 to promote local health and ecological sensitivity. After suffering from COVID-19, the project has been carried out for mental health recovery.
  The primary purpose of this program is participants’ natural exposure. Participants are allowed to rest freely and observe ecology. Through the forest experience, participants recover their mental and physical health. While living in the era of carbon neutrality, it aims to cultivate the correct values that realize the importance of forests and know how to protect them.
  This program is also evaluated as a differentiated program with forest education and healing experts. It is implemented with the support of the lottery fund of the Lottery Commission, which belongs to a government agency. The Korea Forest Service, the Korea Forest Welfare Agency, and the College of Life and Applied Sciences at YU will exclusively conduct the supported funds. 
  This program is steadily producing research results. In 2022, the research team conducted a study titled ‘The Effect of Restoring Mental Health and Promoting Physical Activity of Modern People through Forest Experience Activities.’  It was also published in the international journal ‘Forests.’ It also conducted research on health recovery through forest experiences in the COVID-19 era. As a result, the research team found that the effect of health recovery in forests is strengthening.
  YU’s unique Waldorf Forest School was implemented again this year. It is held only every Saturday from March 18 to June 3. Hours are divided into morning and afternoon. In addition, it is held in forests and natural recreation forests located on the university campus. All ages can participate, and the participation fee is free. More information can be found on the YU Waldorf Forest School website.


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