Inconvenience due to Course Registration
Inconvenience due to Course Registration
  • Choi Eun-seo
  • 승인 2023.03.29 17:30
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  Everytime a new semester begins, students complain about the university’s course registration system, which leaves them without a guaranteed choice of classes or majors.
  Complaints began to erupt in some departments of the college of humanities. During the course registration period, the number of lectures and the securing rate of professors were too small compared to the number of students, and there were not many seats left, so student complaints poured out. In the end, many students still missed classes because they could not solve the fundamental problem and catch their major classes.
  In addition, lectures with no instructors designated are controversial. Along with August 2022, this year’s course registration also discussed undesignated lectures. It is not enough to open a lecture without a professor. In the end, at least two lectures left a notice to students that the class was closed. In this regard, the students expressed their opinions, “Isn’t it irresponsible?”
  These problems are happening in other schools as well. In response, an All-Korean University Student Council Network official said, “The key to the controversy over applying for classes is that students’ options are not guaranteed.”  Also, “The problem is that the classes students need are not being properly conducted due to the low rate of securing teachers.” 
  It can be said that students went to college to study their major in depth rather than liberal arts subjects. However, as in the above situations, student motivation will inevitably decrease if fundamental learning rights are not guaranteed. The Ministry of Education also expressed an opinion on the issue, “We recognize the difficulties of students and will continue to think about solving these problems.”
  Furthermore, to increase the rate of securing professors, improving or stabilizing university finances is necessary. Therefore, it will be possible to guarantee the right to learn if the government’s financial support or the school makes more efforts to secure professors. And students will be able to have a beneficial college life if improvements and adjustments in classes are actively made.


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