The Two Sides of ChatGPT
The Two Sides of ChatGPT
  • Choi Eun-seo
  • 승인 2023.03.29 17:27
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   Conversation-specific artificial intelligence (AI), unveiled on 30 November 2022, by OpenAI, an AI company for human interests, is creating a big topic. It is called ‘ChatGPT’, an interactive AI service. Namely, it is a language model designed to answer appropriately to conversations with a user. In addition, ‘ChatGPT’ is an AI that presents answers to users based on information such as thesis, academic materials, articles, and literature published online. For example, if you ask the question “Aren’t animals cute?”, this AI responds to opinions about animals by referring to several animals.
  ‘ChatGPT’, which naturally melted into people’s daily lives and became popular, also began to show its limitations. The biggest problem is that ‘ChatGPT’ is not a machine that thinks of it as a language model, so it has no idea what it says or means in conversations with users.
  Second, ‘ChatGPT’ is based on data published online, which does not respond appropriately to controversial or talked about topics after 2021 because the database has not been accurately reflected since then. Therefore, there is also a disadvantage that users cannot obtain the answer that they want. In addition, there are problems of copyright and bias.
  And as ‘ChatGPT’ began to become increasingly known to the public, the number of cases of exploiting it increased extensively. In Korea, students at an international school in Korea were caught writing and submitting English essays using ‘ChatGPT’ at the end of January. In New York City, it was banned from public schools. In particular, this is considered a big problem in the university district.
  However, despite these problems, several companies focus on education using ‘ChatGPT’ while enduring limitations. On February 22, Samsung Electronics held an online seminar on ‘ChatGPT.’ And another conglomerate, CJ Group, said it plans to hold a seminar on ‘ChatGPT’ for personnel managers starting in March. In addition, the government announced that it will continue to promote AI utilization education, such as ‘ChatGPT’, for executives and employees.


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