A Guide to College Life
A Guide to College Life
  • Choi Eun-seo
  • 승인 2023.03.29 17:26
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  When students become adults and enter university, they often have to search for and participate in school activities and schedules independently. However, first-year students are not always equipped to do this. In particular, first-year have a lot of difficulties deciding what classes to take during the first semester and making a timetable. In order to solve the difficulties, our school has shared the ‘Roadmap to Recommend Liberal Arts Courses for 2023.’
  In the case of liberal arts courses are usually completed during the freshman and sophomore years. Therefore, a roadmap was produced to provide guidance. Additional plans for a roadmap to help students develop their capabilities have been suggested.
  The roadmap presents compulsory subjects for each department and electives recommended by each department. In addition, data derived through YU CAN, and the Student Career Management System are presented to help students make choices. In addition, the liberal arts course will be guided along with the application for the liberal arts course in 2023. In other words, it helps students find a clue.
  The roadmap summarizes all departments established in the school. In addition to guiding liberal arts and major courses, information about career paths after graduation, career survey results, and certificates that are useful to obtain will also be provided. At the end of the roadmap, all liberal arts courses opened in the 2023 school year are listed, which further helps students understand more about their universities. Students can also set their direction for their future.
  In addition, it also guides the required subjects and the number of students allowed to take courses that first-year students must take. Just reading the roadmap can solve most of the course applications, one of the biggest concerns of freshmen.
  However, it should be noted that the road map itself is not unconditional because it was developed as a reference for career paths and certificates after graduation presented for each department. While the roadmap provides guidance, students to make their own plans and take liberal arts courses that best suit their interests and goals.


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