Happy College Life Through Clubs
Happy College Life Through Clubs
  • Kim Yun-ah
  • 승인 2023.03.29 17:04
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Club street recruitment (Photo by reporter Kim Yun-ah)
Club street recruitment (Photo by reporter Kim Yun-ah)

  Street recruitment was held from March 15 to 17, 2023, to promote Yeungnam University campus clubs. Band teams and hip-hop clubs performed, and random prize draws were also held. The central clubs have eight divisions: art, physical education, liberal arts, academics, applied academics, language, religion, and volunteering. The Yeungnam Observer would like to introduce exciting and distinctive clubs for each division.
  First, ‘Sinmyeongmadang’ is an art division club that focuses on learning about traditional Korean instruments. Next is the ‘Exploration Team’ from the physical education division. The club enjoys extreme, thrilling, and energetic sports such as scuba diving, cave exploration, and rock climbing. ‘Free Will’ in the liberal arts division is a penniless journey club that travels through hitchhiking. Going on a penniless trip can be a different experience providing good memories. You can also make good memories through ‘Fieldwork’ in the academic division with trips to explore cultural relics. 
   If you are interested in the night sky, The Observer recommends ‘Greenwich’ in the applied academics division. Greenwich is an astronomical observation club that allows members to observe the moon and stars near schools through telescopes. You can also visit the astronomical science museum through membership training (MT) to observe the night sky in more detail. ‘Kabs’ in the language division is an English conversation club that recruits many international students and strengthens friendships with Korean students. Various clubs focus on Buddhism, Christianity, and Catholicism in the religion division. The  Observer recommends a club that suits you. In the volunteer division, students can find many opportunities to help others. The ‘Youngji Club’ goes to houses to repair and help vulnerable people. Members feel a sense of pride and accomplishment while volunteering.
  The Observer introduced seven clubs, but many other clubs have fun and meaningful activities. The Instagram account @36th_yucd has introductions and information about YU clubs. In addition, club rooms are mainly located in the Open-Air Auditorium (B01) and the Student Union Building (B06). Club members can also rest in their rooms during breaks between classes. The Observer hopes you join an interesting club.


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