Social Contribution Group Expands Overseas
Social Contribution Group Expands Overseas
  • Kim Na-hyun
  • 승인 2023.03.29 16:51
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  The Yeungnam University Social Contribution Group dispatched 40 student volunteers to Cambodia twice in January 2023. This volunteer work was conducted with Cambodia’s sister universities and Non-Governmental Organizations. It was the first overseas volunteer work after the post-COVID era.
  The YU Social Contribution Group aims to practice ESG management, which means sustainable management by pursuing economic and social values. Moreover, they aim to achieve their educational goal of ‘cultivating talent that contributes to the shared prosperity of human society. ’
  The volunteers went through several training sessions before their departure. First, orientation, violence prevention, and gender awareness education were conducted. Second, a workshop was held to get close to the members and introduce overseas volunteers. Furthermore, safety education for overseas travel and PCR education was conducted. Finally, they visited a kindergarten in Korea and volunteered for children’s education as a pre-volunteer activity.
The two teams were active in Phnom Penh and Kampongcham in Cambodia. Volunteer works included visiting educational institutions, volunteering for arts and sports education, cultural exchange activities, and improving the educational environment. They visited Western University and did environmental clean-up activities with their students. Also, they visited Hun Sen High School in Speu Commune for ‘effort volunteer work’ repairing the outer wall, painting murals, installing computers, and providing computer education. Cultural exchange activities included decorating eco bags, making soap, and playing soccer and traditional games.   
In addition to volunteer activities, the social contribution members had time to explore Cambodian culture.
  In addition to volunteering, Yeungnam University donated 50 sets of computers and monitors, 500 national literature books, and 500 clothing items to local high schools. YU has signed agreements with a local agency, Cambodia Development Center, for this donation. Also, material procurement and volunteer activity programs were conducted together.
  YU will send overseas volunteers and project teams to the same area for five years. The project team implements rural development and educational facility improvement projects. A medical team at YU Medical Center was also dispatched.


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