What Do Students Think about a Mask-Free Campus?
What Do Students Think about a Mask-Free Campus?
  • Lee Seung-yeon
  • 승인 2023.03.29 16:42
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  According to the Korean Disease Control and Prevention Agency, as of January 30, wearing masks indoors is now recommended but no longer mandatory. Yeungnam University has implemented a new policy for the spring semester, allowing faculty and students to wear masks autonomously on campus. 
  The Yeungnam Observer covered the campus where the obligation to wear a mask no longer exists. In an interview with a student from the Department of German Language and Culture (class of 20), she replied that she was not wearing a mask in the lecture room. She said, “If I wear a mask, my makeup comes off. The biggest reason is feeling stuffy.” 
  Moreover, she responded positively to the free change in wearing masks on campus. She replied, “It is good that those who do or do not want to wear a mask can do so freely. Moreover, I think the new policy is safe because public places are still mandatory.” Furthermore, she added that being mask-free, it is nice to see the faces of friends and professors, and this situation feels like before COVID-19.
  In an interview with another student from the Department of Computer Engineering (class of 18), he replied that he was still wearing a mask in the lecture room. As for why he wears a mask: “I usually take classes at the IT center, but I can’t take my mask off because most of the people around me still wear masks.” 
  Moreover, he responded neutrally to the free change in wearing masks on campus. He said, “If most students around me start to take their masks off, maybe I will take mine off. I do not know if the new policy is good because COVID-19 is not completely over yet.”
  In addition, The Observer heard more students’ voices about a mask-free YU. Most of the students who answered that they do not wear masks are happy because they can wear them freely. Some students who still wear masks cited anxiety about COVID-19 not being over yet or feeling unable to remove their masks because other students are still wearing them.


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