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  The Yeungnam University Newspaper, the Korean language campus news, first appeared on 1 June 1954 and published issue 1,675 recently. As university journalists, reporters of YU Newspaper try to cover useful information and campus issues.
  The YU Newspaper is organized with a head director, vice director, and reporters. Newcomers are welcomed as cub reporters who progress to full reporters after a probationary period. Until last year, The YU Newspaper was published eight times a year, four times a semester. However, since 2022, it has been published six times a year, three times a semester. The YU Newspaper is published on Mondays every 3-4 weeks, highlighting various relevant and exciting stories.
  The overall publishing process runs over four weeks. In the first week, reporters have a general meeting on Monday, with coverage starting on Tuesday. The reader evaluation committee meets on Wednesday, with a faculty planning meeting on Thursday. They continue coverage on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The coverage continues in the second week after the midterm Monday meeting. In the third week, the manuscript is closed on Wednesday, proofread on Thursday, and proofread and edited on Friday. The final version is delivered to the printing office after editing all weekend. Finally, the newspaper is published on the fourth Monday.
  Reporters of The YU Newspaper said the most challenging task is to keep the deadlines. This is because reviewing, correcting, and editing articles is concentrated over a week. However, reporters feel proud when they see the newspaper published through an arduous process. Moreover, they feel happy to read and talk about the article in The YU Newspaper.
  The YU Newspaper wants students to be most interested in the ‘synthesis’ of various topics. The ‘synthesis’ segment contains the most important information during a month. Readers can choose from a variety of topics.
  Finally, The YU Newspaper aims to create a newspaper that students love and trust. Therefore, The YU Newspaper added, “If students have something that they want to read as an article, please contact The YU Newspaper anytime.”

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