Why Did the Kickboards Disappear?
Why Did the Kickboards Disappear?
  • Lee Seung-yeon
  • 승인 2022.11.23 15:34
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  Since early October, electric kickboards have been disappearing at Yeungnam University. Typical kickboards on campus, Sing Sing, Dear, and Swing, have designated all campus areas as no-parking zones. Currently, the only kickboard that can be parked on campus is Tagoga.
  If you return the Dear and Swing kickboards inside the campus, you will be fined 6,000 won and 10,000 won. Even the Sing Sing Kickboard has designated all campus areas as a ‘Black Zone.’ If you drive inside campus taking Sing Sing, the kickboard will be suspended, and you cannot even return it. Why are kickboards gradually disappearing from campus except for Tagoga?
  According to Sing Sing, Swing, and Dear, YU demanded the withdrawal of the service first. In particular, Dear announced that they tried to solve the parking problem caused by kickboards inside the campus but failed to consult with YU.
  The Yeungnam Observer talked with the YU Office of General Administration, which cited four company violations: not keeping the protective equipment arrangement, lack of speed limit controls, not enforcing passenger limits, and lack of driver’s license verification. Although driver’s license was improved, there was a unregulated parking problem .
  YU also said: they tried to make arrangements for the problem with companies. However, they demonstrated uncooperative behavior, such as arbitrarily changing the speed limit. On the other hand, Tagoga remains on campus because it has been most cooperative with YU’s safety management demands. In conclusion, the future reappearance of kickboards at YU remains unknown, other than Tagoga.

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