Stop Worrying about English and Korean
Stop Worrying about English and Korean
  • Shin Hye-bin
  • 승인 2022.11.22 16:37
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  Yeungnam University has started personalized language consulting. This program draws out student learning capabilities by providing, supplementing, and deepening activities that cannot be covered in regular English and Korean lectures. A professional provides counseling in various fields, such as writing, presentation, and discussion related to language learning. In addition, the purpose is to improve the effectiveness and employment rate through personalized and non-subject language learning counseling. Also, this counsulting is a great opportunity for students who have difficulty in regular classes. In particular, Korean language consulting provides counseling on assignments for foreign students and helps writing resumes in Korean.
 Consulting is available for both enrolled and international students in the Korean language area but only for enrolled students in the English language area. This program is 30 minutes per session up to 5 times. The application period is from September 5 to December 9, and students can apply on the YU website. If there are many applicants, it may close early, so please apply in advance.
  The Yeungnam Observer interviewed student Park Eun-ji to hear more details. She tried to improve her TOEIC score to get a school scholarship. But it was difficult to study alone, so she applied for consulting to get help in how to study. She said that the most memorable tip is the importance of setting specific goals. So she set a goal of 900 TOEIC points and promised to study English steadily every day. She also said she would repeatedly review missed questions and memorize key expressions to fill the lack of listening skills.
  The Observer also asked if consulting was helpful for the future. Student Park said it was helpful to plan her study and know the types of tests to start with the way the professional lecturer advised her. In addition, she said that she should keep in mind the process of setting goals clearly and proceed step by step in her studies and life.
  Finally, she said that she was more satisfied with the kind explanation and encouragement of the professional lecturer. In addition, if YU students have concerns about language or do not know the direction of study, it is recommended to apply without worrying.

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