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  The Yeungnam Observer is the English newspaper of Yeungnam University produced by the Press and Publication Culture Center. Published quarterly, The Observer covers four focus areas, Campus, Social, International, and Culture.
  There has been a lot of progress over time. On May 16, 1969, The Yeungnam Chronicle was first published as a four-page bi-monthly newspaper. Later it was changed to a monthly magazine, using offset printing. 
The Yeungnam Chronicle was suspended on July 30, 1980. Two years later, it was republished as The Observer on April 28, 1982. Since issue No.197, the paper size changed from half of a regular newspaper to an easy-to-read, Berliner Edition format.
  Bang Jeong-won, the vice director of The Observer, said that for her, The Observer is like a window to enjoy university life. Due to non-face-to-face classes from 2020 to 2021, The Observer allowed her to look at issues from a balanced perspective. She sees reporters’ excellent personal abilities and wide-ranging ideas as a matter of pride. She will graduate from The Observer at the end of this year. She advised future reporters, “You can lead The Observer better. Fighting!” 
  Reporter Choi Eun-seo said, “The Observer gave direction to my life. I would have wasted my college life if I had not come here.  I feel like I am changing my life in detail while living as a Observer reporter.” She said that one of the advantages is the comfortable atmosphere among reporters. Thanks to this, she was able to adapt well. Reporter Choi hopes readers will enjoy The Observer’s immensely because demand increase quality.

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