Palette Made by Various Cultures!
Palette Made by Various Cultures!
  • Bang Jeong-won
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International student singing contest awards (Provided by Gyeongsan City Hall)
International student singing contest awards (Provided by Gyeongsan City Hall)

  From September 20 to 22, Yeungnam University held the Deulpool Festival. It offered various programs such as food trucks, movie festivals, and guest singer performances. Among them, the international student singing contest ‘Palette’ was held, attracting public attention. 
  The contest was held as a kind of 2022 Gyeongsan Youth Empathy Festival. It was hosted by The Maeil Shinmun and sponsored by Gyeongsan City Hall and North Gyeongsang Province. The festival was held among five universities in Gyeongsan: Yeungnam, Daegu Catholic, Daegu, Daegu Haany, and Kyungil University.
  This is the first time an international student singing contest has been held. Ten students from China, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Myanmar advanced to the finals. Participants showed off their singing skills in fluent Korean. Mytuko from Kyungil University won the grand prize.
  Various local notables attended the festival. Cho Hyeon-il, the mayor of Gyeongsan City, left a message. He said, “I hope it can be expanded to a united festival that more people can enjoy. This event will be a place of communication for Koreans and foreigners.” President Choi Oe-chool also participated in this event. He said,   “This event will bring generational integration between the youth and older generations.”
  The winner of the contest also expressed her feelings. “It was quite hard to adapt to Korea. However, I am happy to overcome cultural differences and get a prize. If you are afraid of something, I hope you keep practicing and challenging yourself like me. Then, good results will come to you.”

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