WARNING: Your Blood Alcohol Level
WARNING: Your Blood Alcohol Level
  • Joo Jung-eun
  • 승인 2022.11.22 12:17
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  Recently, it was revealed that actor Kwak Do-won had been drunk and driving in Jeju at 4 a.m. on September 25, which shocked the public. As a result of a breathalyzer test, his blood alcohol level was over 0.08%, which was more than the level of license revocation.
  After social distancing was lifted, the number of drunk driving arrests increased by 34%. From 2019 to 2021, there were 257,217 license revocations due to drunk driving, accounting for 38.5% of all 667,704 revoked people. Drunk driving is particularly addictive. The number of repeated drunk driving accidents was 331 in 2018, 264 in 2019, 319 in 2020, and 283 in 2021. The Ignition Interlock Device (IID) was first introduced in the United States in 1986 as part of the drunk driver management plan, and has been expanded in Canada, Australia, etc. Recently, IID has been installed in Europe through legal revisions. But, can it be considered drunk driving only if you drink and drive a car?
  People do not recognize driving electric kickboards or bycicle as a violation of the Road Traffic Act. As the voices about the sharing economy grow, you may have seen a lot of public kickboards or bicycles on the street recently. You can see a lot of people riding kickboards not only at school, but also on the roads outside the school and on the sidewalks. The reason for this situation is that people can easily go back and forth within a short distance. And then, this is the reason why people drink alcohol and ride kickboards.
  In May of last year, regulations on personal transportation were strengthened, with a penalty of 20,000 won for not wearing safety helmets, 30,000 won for violation of the signal or driving on the sidewalk, and 40,000 won for two or more people riding together. In particular, if you drive after drinking, you will be charged a fine of 100,000 won. It is as same as driving without a license. The Korean National Police Agency reported that 9,047 drunk driving cases (4.4%) were caught after the revised Road Traffic Act.
  There are some cases: students  ride a kickboard after drinking alcohol. They added reasons such as ‘because it is stipulated by law,’ and ‘because riding a vehicle while drinking is dangerous in itself.’
  If you drive after drinking, your judgment is clouded, and a risk of an accident is increased. Drunk driving can be considered an ‘attempted murder.’ Because it is highly to lead to a casualty accident. Safe driving is necessary for everyone’s safety.

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