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  The University Broadcasting System (UBS) is a wireless broadcasting station established on November 30, 1968, following the founding of Yeungnam University. UBS has the best history south of the Han River. In addition, it strives to develop the right university culture and media and cultivate YU student emotions.
  UBS has four departments. There is a ‘production department’ and a ‘press department.’ The production department plans and produces videos that are uploaded to the UBS official YouTube channel. Furthermore, the production department is in charge of selecting songs from regular audio broadcasts and writing comments. The press department is in charge of producing UBS news. They directly investigate campus issues and produce 2-3 minute news videos uploaded to the official YouTube account every Friday at 8 p.m. 
  Also, there is a ‘technical department’ and a ‘broadcasting department.’ The technical department is in charge of ENG among the staff for regular audio broadcasting. They emit sound according to the PD’s signal and broadcast, shoot, edit, and manage the overall equipment in the station.
  Through Instagram, UBS also produces various content, such as cafeteria menu recommendations, current terms, and playlists. They have been providing new content on YouTube called “UBS Fancam,” which records celebrity performances in the form of a fancam. In particular, the video festival event is the most difficult as it is personally planned and screened by the UBS’s members.
  How are radio broadcasts and video content created? Yeo Yoo-jeong, a member of UBS, said that the audio broadcasting script for each episode is written based on the theme and sent every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after a feedback process. Video content is uploaded to YouTube and Facebook official channels after a planning meeting. It usually takes 1-2 weeks to produce a video, and entertainment videos are uploaded every other week at 8 p.m. on Thursdays.
  Ms. Hong mentioned, “As UBS members work hard, a word of support from students helps. We will do our best to provide good content.”


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