The Stepping Stone for Global Yeungnam People
The Stepping Stone for Global Yeungnam People
  • Wee Jeong-je
  • 승인 2022.11.21 16:31
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  Yeungnam University has an institution that strives to nurture talent suitable for the era of globalization. The Office of International Affairs, under the International Department, aims to inspire students to develop a global perspective for academic and intellectual growth. The Office of International Affairs offers various programs to achieve this goal.
  Programs hosted by the Office of International Affairs include the Language Partner Program (LPP), Global Harmony for Future (GHF), The Outbound Pilot Program (OPP), University Student Ambassadors (USA), and exchange student programs.
  Korean students attending YU through the Buddy Program help international students adapt to school life. During the semester, students can learn about Korean culture. Also, they can share their culture with Korean and international students. The OPP is a program that allows students to go to Malaysia for about four weeks during a vacation. It helps to improve their English. To be selected as an exchange student, students must have the minimum language score set by the school.
  GHF and LPP are programs implemented only at YU. GHF is a program in which two people, one Korean and one exchange student, visit a middle school in Daegu to teach folk or popular songs of the exchange student’s country. LPP forms study groups with two or three YU students to conduct autonomous English learning for about nine hours a week with English-speaking exchange students.
  Shin Chang-in, head of the Office of International Affairs, expressed regret, “While there are many good programs, the support rate is very low. Also, most programs are done only by people who did other programs.” He also said, “We plan to promote a lot through school websites or notification apps, and we hope students will actively participate.”


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