Student Lifestyle: What about Yours?
Student Lifestyle: What about Yours?
  • Jeong Ha-jin
  • 승인 2022.11.21 14:20
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(Provided by Unsplash)
(Provided by Unsplash)

  Many students have the same but different lifestyles. Here are University students’ lifestyles in 2022. Are they similar to your lifestyle, or not? Check trendy lifestyle with The Yeungnam Observer!
Short-form Video
  Since TikTok started short-form videos on the global market in 2017. SNSs, including Instagram and YouTube, also launched a service for short-form videos. The Univ Tomorrow surveyed 286 people aged 15 to 26 about the average short-form viewing. People watch 75.8 minutes on weekdays and 96.2 minutes on weekends. University students use short-form videos for searching instead of Google or Naver: recipes, restaurants, and even knowledge. They use this because of extracting a point from the video.
Heavy & Zero Spending
  Some students spend money to enjoy a staycation in a hotel, experience fine dining which costs more than 100,000 won and go to the department store to buy luxury brand clothes. They are willing to pay for premium things because they value experience.
  On the other hand, another student participated in the ‘No-spending Challenge.’ The no-spending challenge is to achieve zero consumption for a time. Students use various ways to accomplish a challenging goal. They eat lunch and dinner at home, enjoy leisure by using card points, and get free beverage coupons after participating in a survey. The ultimate purpose is to build assets by continuously reducing unnecessary consumption.
Being Green Students
  University students are sensitive to environmental problems. They are eco-friendly people. Plogging is a trend in which people pick up trash while jogging. Students make jogging clubs and run with garbage bags. They not only pick up trash in the street, they also reduce trash from their consumption: carry tumblers to reduce disposable cups and use products that decompose well in nature. They do not insist on cheap things when they spend money. They consider the earth in their consumption.

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