Challenge and Study for Yourself
Challenge and Study for Yourself
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Challenge semester student interview (Photo by reporter Lee Seung-yeon)
Challenge semester student interview (Photo by reporter Lee Seung-yeon)


  The challenge semester system allows students to perform tasks related to their majors while receiving scholarships and credit. Participating students select topics to explore more about their major, work 1:1 with a professor for a semester, and then present and submit reports. The challenge semester system is divided into major selection choices, and the grade evaluation is conducted by pass-fail. According to the evaluation, activities are divided into three, six, and nine credits.
  The Yeungnam Observer met four students who had completed the challenge semester system and heard vivid stories. The Observer met Son Hyun-jin, Yoon Joon-hyuk, and Jang Oh-tae from the Department of Electronic Engineering, and Lee Kwang-hoon, a graduate from the Department of Horticulture & Life Science. 
  Yoon Joon-hyuk said he started the challenge semester system with the recommendation of seniors in the same lab. It was easy to choose the topic he wanted to study. Meanwhile, Jang Oh-tae said there were difficulties managing his time while doing the challenge semester system. Therefore, it was meaningful because he could develop a sense of responsibility and challenge.
  When asked about the type of students they would recommend to the challenge semester system, Sohn Hyun-jin cited “students who want to learn how to learn.” The reason is that rather than learning about the major, it is an opportunity to improve learning methods because the challenger must plan everything and produce results.
  Lee Kwang-hoon of Horticultural Life Sciences said, “The challenge semester system was one of the most important tasks in my college life. Even after graduation, I am often asked questions about it. Even in my current job, the significant knowledge I gained through the challenge semester system is beneficial.” He hoped that more students would participate so that the ‘challenge semester system’ so that more students could provide mutual support.
  The challenge semester system can be found on Yeungnam University’s website before the semester starts. In addition, there is a briefing session every semester for more detailed explanations.

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