Why Is the Student Cafeteria Uncomfortable?
Why Is the Student Cafeteria Uncomfortable?
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  Last April, the price of meals in the Seoul National University student cafeteria increased from 3,000~6,000 won to 4,000~7,000 won. In this regard, the dissatisfaction of Seoul National University students is also growing. According to Sejong University, costs have risen from vegetables to meat. Nevertheless, considering the students, Sejong University had not raised meal prices. However, the number of Sejong University students visiting the cafeteria is decreasing due to COVID-19. 
  Recently, inflation and the rise of personnel expenses are continuing, so many restaurants have suffered. As meal prices increase, the student cafeterias become increasingly burdened. So, college students look for alternatives, such as convenience stores or fast-food restaurants.
  How about the Yeungnam University student cafeteria? Jo Eun-hae, the cafeteria nutritionist, said there were menu items with an average price of around 3,000 won, but now it has increased to a maximum of 5,000 won. Especially the price of kimchi cabbage has soared compared to last year, and the price of frying oil also increased. The student cafeteria is stably receiving high-quality meal ingredients through daily bulk purchases. So, it has been operating in a differentiated system from outside restaurants. Because of this, they were able to provide quality meals at low prices. However, it is difficult to make a profit with the current selling prices due to inflation. Nutritionist Jo is concerned that the number of students will decrease because student expectations increase when the price rises, even though the price is not different from external companies.
  Is there any possibility of raising the price of the meals in the future? Nutritionist Jo answered that there is a possibility of raising currently. The student cafeteria plans to organize an event that makes it worthwhile to use the student cafeteria at a reasonable price. In addition, they also plan to organize a lot of set menus so that students can taste a variety of food together. Finally, nutritionist Jo hopes that students will always provide feedback on what students want to improve for a better student cafeteria and what menu items they would like added.


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