How Do YU Students Feel about Course Registration?
How Do YU Students Feel about Course Registration?
  • Woo Ji-yun
  • 승인 2022.09.08 14:21
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  Students at Yeungnam University are complaining of difficulties ahead of enrollment for the second semester of 2022. The Yeungnam Observer surveyed student opinions on course registration from August 9 to 12.
  13 students responded to the survey, and 10 out of 13 students said once a course exceeds capacity, the registration system doesn’t allow students anymore. Next, 9 out of 13 students responded focusing on sought-after courses is a problem depending on the level of the course and professor. This semester, students were confused because some professors were not designated. Since the revision of the Instructor Act, the problem of “not designating professors” has increased as new instructor appointment procedures have been delayed. This semester is the first time since the revision of the Instructor Act to guarantee employment for at least three years. As the confirmation date for appointment of part-time instructors was later than the course registration date, students had to apply for the course only by looking at the course and time. There are about 300 undesignated professor classes, accounting for 10% of all courses.
  YU has a course guidance system in which students receive counseling on their careers from a professor and guidance on course plans for the next semester. According to the Curriculum & Registrar Team, YU noted a lack of interaction between students and professors. To improve this, YU created opportunities through the course guidance system. Starting this semester, the focus of course guidance has expanded from those scheduled to take the semester to those scheduled to apply for the semester, plus transfer and re-entering students. The Curriculum & Registrar Team surveyed both professors and students in 2020. In the survey, all agreed with the purpose of the system, but most said adjustments were necessary. There was a common opinion that focusing on the lower grades was better because the higher grade students were aware of the information they needed. 


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