YU’s Aging Buildings
YU’s Aging Buildings
  • Choi Eun-seo
  • 승인 2022.09.07 15:53
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College of Education (Photo by reporter Choi Eun-seo)
College of Education (Photo by reporter Choi Eun-seo)

  Yeungnam University moved from the Daemyeong-dong campus to the present location in 1970, meaning the Gyeongsan campus is celebrating its 52nd year. As it has been a long time since the relocation, complaints about aging buildings have often been heard. The Yeungnam Observer met the head of the Facility Management Team (FMT) to see how the school usually manages aging buildings and what renovations are planned
  First, FMT is the department that manages the whole campus and plays various roles such as managing buildings, electrical facilities, air conditioning, heating facilities, and landscape management. In addition, it manages Internet access and checks all safety and toilet facilities. The Observer asked about the procedures and methods for maintaining and inspecting
the Electrical Engineering Building (EEB) is the most frequently used building by science students. Although it is a relatively aging building, the internal facilities have been steadily supplemented. In addition, internal facilities were updated and improved by renovating classrooms and adding air conditioning. The FMT also replied that the EEB would be managed and inspected from time to time, with problems handled immediately when user requests and reports are received.
  The Observer also asked about the differences in aging buildings requiring relatively more effort and how inspections and management are carried out. FMT replied that it is conducting safety inspections on aging buildings according to modern standards.
  In addition, when asked about the renovation plans for aging buildings, the College of Education Building, completed in the 70s, has already been expanded to three floors and improved facilities. Regarding the textiles Engineering Building, completed in 1976, and the Electrical Engineering building, completed in 1971 FMT said, “We always have a repair plan in mind, but we need to carefully decide according to standards such as aging and utilization.”
  As the FMT’s interest and management of aging buildings continue, we hope students will use facilities more carefully and pay attention.

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