Daedong Festival Satisfaction Survey
Daedong Festival Satisfaction Survey
  • Lee Seung-yeon
  • 승인 2022.09.07 15:48
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  In May 2022, Yeungnam University held the Daedong Festival again. Daedong festival ‘RE FILL’ was held various programs such as guest singer performances, department pubs, and food trucks were provided. 
  Despite these preparations, dissatisfaction was constantly expressed through the anonymous community. Therefore, The Yeungnam Observer conducted a Daedong festival satisfaction survey in the first half of 2022 and 37 students participated in this survey. General student satisfaction opinions ranged from ‘very good’ to ‘good’ at 43.2%, and ‘very bad’ to ‘bad’ at 27%. 
  The highest reasons for satisfaction were department pubs and performance programs. Example answers include, “I have never been to a club or similar, but it was so exciting and fun because it seemed like an indirect experience.” and “It was a festival like a real university event, the first since I entered the school.” 
  On the other hand, some students responded negatively, pointing to the garbage, odor, and hygiene afterward. In addition, 59.5% were dissatisfied with the lineup of guest singer performances. There was a lack of performances by idol singers. Moreover, the proportion of hip-hop singers was too high. Furthermore, there were inconveniences because outsiders occupied the front seats of the performance instead of the students of YU. 
  On the survey, students compared YU to Keimyung University. KMU’s festival created a student zone to provide a space where KMU students could enjoy themselves first. In addition, popular idols such as ‘IVE’ and ‘(G) I-DLE’ were invited to perform. 
  62.2% of students surveyed were satisfied with department pubs. Students cited a variety of menu items, exclusive concepts, and friendly services as the reasons for their satisfaction. Nevertheless, some students complained about food hygiene problems and insufficient tables.
  Finally, the students mentioned that they look forward to the fall festival and want more performance programs to be added. Through this survey, let’s make the next festival more satisfying.

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