No Longer a Drug-Free State
No Longer a Drug-Free State
  • Shin Hye-bin
  • 승인 2022.09.07 15:35
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  A drug offender is a person who transports, sells, or uses illegal drugs. Recently, the number of drug offenders in their teens and twenties has been increasing significantly in Korea. According to the National Police Agency, 6,501 people were arrested for drug violations from January to July 2021. Among them, the number of drug offenders under the age of 19 was 450, an increase of 43.8% from the previous year. The number of drug offenders is increasing year, and the ages group are also getting lower. As a result of the governmentʼs crackdown on drugs in 2022, the number of cases caught was 7,565, an increase of about 8.6% compared to the same period last year. 
  The route for young people to find drugs is obtained using apps with strong security, making it difficult for investigators. They also intentionally prescribe and purchase illegal drugs for medical use. Because of this easy drug access, young people feel less repulsive or guilty about taking drugs.
  A person who violates Korean drug laws is punished by imprisonment for at least seven years to life. Also, those who import or manufacture illegal drugs are subject to the same punishment. Furthermore, if these acts are for profit or habitual, the punishment is aggravated by the death penalty or imprisonment of 10 years or more.
  The Japanese government implements a systematic program for drug addicts in correctional facilities to solve this problem. Women’s drug addiction facilities educate addicts about the effects of drugs on the fetus and provide exercise programs. It also consults with addict families in correctional facilities and makes paper posters about addicts and drug abuse. Drug addicts seek treatment by discussing their situations to understand each other.
  The Korean Association Against Drug Abuse (KAADA) works to solve drug addiction. Addicts can request counseling by mail, telephone, interview or online, Psychological tests are also available on the KAADA website. 
  Lawyer Jeon Hyung-hwan, a former police criminal expert, said. “Even if you experience narcotics only once, it is easy to commit a second offense due to its addictive nature. It should not be.” he emphasized.

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