World Suffers from Abnormal Weather
World Suffers from Abnormal Weather
  • Kim Yun-ah
  • 승인 2022.09.07 15:32
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Rhine River drought  (Provided by Flickr)
Rhine River drought (Provided by Flickr)


  Air temperatures on Earth have been rising since industrialization. It means global warming is getting worse. Due to global warming, the world is suffering severe damage. Abnormal weather patterns and natural disasters have frequently appeared this year.
  First, flooding related to La Niña caused a lot of damage. La Niña is a phenomenon in which the water temperature in the western Pacific rises and the water temperature in the eastern Pacific decreases. When La Niña occurs, precipitation increases significantly in South-East Asia and Australia, resulting in severe flooding. In July 2022, Australia suffered torrential rain despite the winter, resulting in about 30,000 victims. In Bangladesh, more than 100 people died during the rainy season this year. Pakistan also had the most rain in 30 years, and many houses were flooded.
  Asia and Australia suffered from flooding, but Europe is in trouble because there is no water. Europe is having its worst summer with a severe drought. The French government has issued drought warnings in 93 areas. In some villages in France, the tap water supply has been cut off due to a lack of water. The U.K. recorded its driest July since 1935. Even ship transportation became impossible due to low water levels on the Rhine River in Germany. Europe is at risk of a logistics crisis.
  In addition, this summer in Europe is scorching. Most European countries have exceeded 40 degrees Celsius this year. In Portugal’s small town of Albenga, the highest temperature soared to 46.8 degrees Celsius. Due to this heat, glaciers in the Alps are melting quickly. Large amounts of ice melt also caused landslides. In July 2022, 11 visitors were killed when melted glacier chunks and rocks fell from the summit of Marmolada in the Alps. 
  Since the world suffers from abnormal weather and high temperatures, our lives are also directly threatened. People must try to prevent global warming even a little bit. An easy way to protect the environment is by participating in the carbon-neutral practice point system. People will receive incentives if you participate in this system and use multi-use containers, issue electronic receipts instead of paper, and use eco-friendly products. Participating in the system can protect the environment while also receiving certain cash.
  Furthermore, individual efforts are essential, but warming is a global problem. It is challenging to prevent global warming with personal efforts. Active attention from companies, countries, and international organizations should be paid.

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