Whose Is the Aegean Sea?
Whose Is the Aegean Sea?
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Aegean Sea location (Provided by Google Maps)
Aegean Sea location (Provided by Google Maps)

  A ‘TurkAegean’ tourism campaign has elicited anger from Greece. The 50-year-old sovereignty conflict between Turkey and Greece over the area is escalating.
  Last year, Turkey coined the word ‘TurkAegean’ by combining the name of their country and the Aegean Sea. Turkey applied for trademark registration in the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) to use the word as a tourism promotion phrase. Last December, the EUIPO approved it. After hearing the news, Greece protested against the decision.
  The Aegean Sea has great historical and cultur
al significance for Greece. It is an area where ancient Greek civilization sprouted. The name is derived from the ancient Athenian king, Aegeus. For this reason, most Greeks have a deep affection for the Aegean Sea. Turkey insists that Greece should not monopolize the Aegean Sea. The main reason was that Troy, the main background of the epic poem of ancient Homer, was on a beach in Turkey.
  In addition to the Aegean Sea, they are at odds with the refugee issue and resource development. Recently, Turkey warned Greece of the use of armed force. Greece’s provocations have also continued by turning a nearby island into a military base. It is time to pay attention to how the two countries will behave in the future.

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